Sivetz Fluid Bed Roaster


Our coffee is made in a Sivetz fluid bed roaster, some of the key aspects of this roaster produce some of the best flavors in coffee.

Fluid Bed – The roaster has no drum, instead it blow high pressure heated air through a perforated sheet at the bottom of the roaster. The air keeps the beans moving around, preventing them from staying in contact with the hot metal surface. This prevents “tipping” which happens in drum roasters when a bean is burnt on the metal. Tipping adds some bitterness to the cup.

High Air Flow – This means that all of the chaff is blown off of the bean. The chaff a light shell on a part of the bean that falls off during the roasting process. If it’s not taken out quick enough during the roast, it can turn into a tar on the surface of the hot drum, adding more bitterness to the cup.

Roaster uses computer controls that monitor that actual temperature of the beans, to get the same roast every time.